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Excelero and partners to steal the show at NAB with Any-k video playback demo

By March 27, 2018October 28th, 2021No Comments

Motion pictures viewing experiences improve at rapid pace. Film crews are using more and better cameras. Films feature more visual effects, have more and richer colors. HDR technology has disrupted the industry. This evolution has a massive impact on video post-production infrastructure requirements. 4K video has become the standard, 8K is on the horizon and 16K is coming. On top of that, frame rates are increasing rapidly as well: 100fps anyone?

The additional storage and bandwidth capacity that is needed for higher frame rates increases linearly. Increasing video resolution from 2K to 4K quadruples the storage and network needs. So when a studio switches from 2K 30fps to 4K 60fps, the post-production house needs to be ready to store and stream eight times as much data. That is, if the studio did not invest in extra cameras, new visual effects or anything else fancy.

Infrastructure teams are struggling to support fast-evolving video editing workloads. Requirements change too fast to allow forklift upgrades. Infrastructures need to become future-proof: scale capacity and performance instantly and as needed. Infinitely. Media and Entertainment customers are now choosing Excelero’s NVMesh to provide editors’ workstations with access to high bandwidth and low latency performance to accommodate streaming editing and reel presentation to any workstation at any time.

At NAB, the Excelero team will be demonstrating NVMesh with three major M&E partners: Pixit Media, Intel and Quantum. The demos will feature our “Any-k video storage for media workflows” use case, which enables customers to build future proof post-production infrastructures, optimized for 4K video and ready for 8K and 16K as proven by our customers.

Pixit Media

Pixit Media has integrated its PixStor solution with Excelero NVMesh to deliver data directly to high-end workstations with no speed bumps. Editing, finishing and visual effects applications can now enjoy the low latency, high throughput and IOPS of a local NVMe device while getting the benefits of centralized, redundant storage. The approach helps content creation leaders to get ready for the future by harnessing the power of a hardware agnostic strategy – driving down costs and enabling enduring flexibility. The Any-k video demo of NVMesh with PixStor is showcased in booth SL6124.


Intel and Excelero are helping media customers handle the immense workloads that come with post-production services. With Intel and NVMesh, customers have been able to  achieve infinite scale, ultimate flexibility, and manage costs more efficiently. Customers need to gear up for increasing demands that support better, more realistic, and more impressive viewing experiences. With Intel NVMe SSDs and Excelero NVMesh one customer enabled 4K streaming @ 60fps (frames per second) to 55 workstations concurrently with a low cost per GB (including servers, NVMe drives, and networking). The inclusion of Intel NVMe SSDs has helped forward-facing media companies combine to help paint its brightest future. The Any-k video demo of NVMesh with Intel SSDs is showcased in booth SU3110.


Quantum’s Xcellis® Scale-out NAS is the first storage solution to deliver on all fronts.  With multi-protocol support, Xcellis Scale-out NAS offers a variety of options for data access including NFS, SMB and native file system clients over Ethernet, as well as higher performance connectivity options with iSCSI. This unified architecture integrated with Excelero NVMesh provides the perfect balance of the highest performance flash storage, multi-protocol support for both IP and FC as well as the ability to tier data to more affordable storage on premise and in the cloud. Xcellis Scale-out NAS is powered by the StorNext shared parallel file system, a high-performance solution with a long track record of success in media environments. StorNext creates a unified view of all file data—on premise and in private or public cloud—simplifying and speeding data access, tiering, protection, and management. Quantum’s booth at NAB will feature “High Performance Any-k Workflows with NVMesh”. In this demo Quantum highlights infrastructure for 16K playback with DaVinci Resolve. The demo is showcased in booth SL8511.

Each of the NVMesh demos at NAB features Mellanox networking technology. Mellanox, longstanding partner of Excelero is also present at NAB – booth SL14809.

Want to learn more? Book a meeting with us at NAB here.

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