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Excelero joins Open19 Foundation – Lior Gal named Board Advisor

By May 26, 2017December 19th, 2017No Comments

This week, the Open19 Foundation was officially launched in San Jose. The Open19 Foundation is an initiative that was started by LinkedIn and focuses on creating a new standard for data center infrastructure. Excelero has been a supporter of the initiative from day one and is now an official partner. Recognizing Excelero’s efforts for the initiative, CEO Lior Gal has been named a board advisor for the Foundation. With this, Lior and the Excelero team are committed to help accelerate adoption of the Open19 Project to enable more customizable, flexible and economical scale-out data centers.

“The Open19 Project is a much needed initiative that brings together suppliers and users of data center technologies around a radically different way to build data centers,” said Lior Gal, CEO and co-founder of Excelero. “We’re delighted to provide software that enables Open19 users to build scale-out storage infrastructures with standard servers while achieving maximum flexibility and efficiency.”

The Open19 Project goal is to provide an open platform that can fit any 19-inch rack environment for servers, storage and networking hardware and software.   The concept for Open19 started in 2016 at LinkedIn when the company was looking for a solution that will fit any location and any size, but at the same time would optimize data center scalability.  By using hardware and software building blocks that adhere to community-driven standards and designs, Open19 solutions will enable enterprises to deploy data centers that are more modular, efficient, integrate faster, and enable greater flexibility and savings.

With Excelero’s NVMesh™, a 100% software-only server SAN, Open19 users can combine the Open19 reference design with state of the art NVMe flash devices to build scale-out block storage infrastructures. NVMesh enables customers to maximize capacity and performance utilization of their NVMe devices. The solution abstracts NVMe storage into a single pool of storage without performance loss; applications benefit from the performance of local flash, with the convenience of centralized storage and the cost savings of standard hardware.

With the support of Excelero and founding members LinkedIn, GE Digital, Vapor IO, Flex, and HP Enterprise, Open19 has created an inclusive standard that can coexist with many other standards, and deliver a unique set of highly impactful results

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