Micron Announces SolidScale™ featuring Excelero’s NVMesh

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Last week was another milestone moment for the Excelero team as our partner Micron Technology announced their new SolidScale™ Platform Architecture at the Micron Storage Summit in New York City. The event, which was held at the One World Trade Center, was well attended by customers, partners and industry analysts. The vibe was energetic and Micron delivered on the high expectations with a great summit and lots of good content.

SolidScale is a collaboration between Micron, Mellanox and Excelero, for which we deliver the software layer with NVMesh®. With the announcement of SolidScale, Micron responds to a mix of challenges and opportunities in the storage market: the demand for NVMe SSD’s is high but customers are struggling to efficiently deploy NVMe at scale. Micron estimates that companies using NVMe in application servers today “are on average using less than 50% of their IOPS and capacity”. Based on what we hear from our customers, that number is even conservative. Laura Dubois from IDC revealed at the event that nearly half of the respondents of a recent IDC survey flag performance as a key challenge for storage at scale.

Micron’s vision for the SolidScale architecture is to provide customers with the agility to deploy next-generation, cloud-native applications while supporting legacy applications that run the enterprises of today and tomorrow. From online transaction processing, to virtual platforms and analytics, to machine learning. This vision is not different from Excelero’s, but SolidScale offers customers the convenience of buying a fully pre-integrated architecture that combines the flexibility and efficiency benefits of NVMesh with the performance of Micron’s NVMe SSD’s and Mellanox’ fabric.

The SolidScale platform allows companies to build a scale-out storage infrastructure that provides all the benefits of a centralized single pool of storage with the performance of local in-server SSDs. The SolidScale architecture stands up in a 2U node configuration in a 24U server rack enclosure. Key features of the new architecture include:

  • Flexible Infrastructure: The logical volume feature of the SolidScale platform provides flexibility to create and manage a single, centralized pool of storage that allows customers to create right size volumes for each server’s data repository.
  • Optimized Performance: The speed of Micron NVMe SSDs coupled with high-bandwidth Mellanox fabric delivers performance that scales by adding an average of five microseconds of additional latency to an application’s data path when compared to a local in-server NVMe.
  • Simple Manageability: The Web-based management interface of the SolidScale platform provides a simple, graphical setup and configuration for key data services.
  • Seamless Scalability: Micron SolidScale architecture enables customers to easily scale storage capacity with, or independently from, compute; in addition, performance scales efficiently as more nodes are added.
  • Breakthrough Data Center Efficiency: The SolidScale architecture pools the available storage together, providing a platform that can either do the same work with fewer servers or more work in the same number of servers. Overall, this allows compute servers to be thinner, allowing storage to scale independently of compute.

The announcement was received with great enthusiasm. We’d like to congratulate the Micron, Mellanox and Excelero teams that were involved in building this great solution!

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