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The State of the Storage Union

By April 15, 2020January 6th, 2022No Comments
Lior Gal, CEO of Excelero

Lior Gal, CEO of Excelero

Two Focuses, One Commitment to Transforming Storage

I delivered a Q1 2020 State of the Storage Union webinar a few weeks ago as the global coronavirus pandemic set a new normal in both personal and business worlds. Given the very high level of interest, I decided to follow up with a summary here – for folks who prefer reading. A replay of the webinar is available here.

I started my presentation with a brief overview of how work processes have changed: new digital, mobile and agile technologies have become the norm. Organizations and users are relying on high-speed Internet and ubiquitous cloud access to agile infrastructure resources like never before.

Efficiency and ROI matter in everything, including data center technologies, where innovation can mean the difference to getting the job done right, or not at all. Agility to deploy applications on new hardware, or stand up new infrastructures, or support more or less users than envisioned, is important. High-throughput, low latency storage can enable organizations to maximize GPU utilization and enable the high-performance data center without storage bottlenecks.

Industry disruptors like Excelero know a thing or two about seeing opportunity in changing times. Based on our own Q1 2020 experience, as well as data we see from industry analysts, we have the vision to transform data center storage.

In 2017, when Excelero debuted, our NVMesh high-performance computing software-defined solution was a radical new way to build cloud storage. It simplified the storage operational model, and enabled organizations to achieve extreme growth, rapid service innovation, and greater service profitability – at unprecedented performance and scale.

Today, NVMe Flash has become the go-to choice for ultra-high performance storage in workloads like AI, ML, databases and ultra-high throughput systems. Web scalers and enterprises remain committed to NVMe over fabrics approaches so that NVMe SSD resources can be virtualized and shared. For these customers, Excelero’s NVMesh is the fastest AI storage on the market.

With 9 patents awarded and over a dozen more patents pending, we continue to expand a global network of major organizations that rely on our software-defined solution for scale-out enterprise NVMe storage.

Our Q1 2020 included over 12 new customers, a figure that reflects the strength of our NVMesh solution. The lineup of AI, ML and deep learning deployments among the customer base continue to grow. AI-optimized storage continues to be a high-growth application category and our sweet spot, since the data-driven operational efficiency of NVMesh software for web-scale deployment.

NVMesh continues to redefine datacenter scale with the largest NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF) cluster deployment globally, with 6,000 clients, 9,6000 volumes, and just one cluster.

Validated by this success, Excelero continues its strategy of two focuses that enable us to succeed at our one core commitment:

  • Partner focus – a growing number of solutions providers incorporate NVMesh as the acceleration layer in their solution. As a 100% solutions partner-driven company, Excelero believes its partners are in the best position to understand customer needs and deliver the best price/performance in a total solution to serve them. During 2020 Excelero will continue to expand its global network of solutions partners.
  • Flexibility – a commitment to enable best of breed at any scale, and with any hardware. With agility to allow organizational infrastructure change, Excelero can deliver optimal reliability and performance at any scale – with any block size, and any workload. Whether measured by IOPs, bandwidth, IOPs per rack unit, or bandwidth per rack unit, NVMesh’s linear scalability delivers unmatched utilization, performance and ROI at scale.

Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. Excelero’s focus on partners and flexibility are part of the company’s unwavering commitment to transform the way users deploy their applications, worry-free of the storage underlying it.

As a leading kubernetes storage provider, Excelero offers the performance of local flash with the persistence and scalability of centralized storage. Improve oracle database performance and achieve high throughput and low latency for mission-critical workloads with Excelero’s oracle cloud database solutions.

Watch webinar replay now!Watch webinar replay now!

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