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We’ve launched!

By March 29, 2017August 31st, 2018No Comments

Wednesday 8 March was one of the biggest milestones in Excelero’s history. It was the day we officially launched our company and version 1.1 of NVMesh, with lots of support from partners and early customers. We would no longer hide “under the radar”, but would now be fully exposed. When you have operated under the radar for over 2 years, with an occasional teaser, the expectations are understandably high. Based on the feedback we have been getting, it definitely looks like we did not disappoint: the press and analysts community very much liked our story. Choosing Storage Field Day as the launch event ended up being a great choice, and resulted in lots of exposure on blog articles and tweets from the attendees. Doing a live (streamed) demo at the event may have been a little bold, but hey, “no sweat, no glory”. That’s how confident we are in our technology. To remember this great day, we created a collage of Excelero’s launch day:

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