Support Manager


Excelero, Inc.


Support Manager

Job Location:

San Jose, CA

Job Description:

Manage customer technical support for live client engagements; address/respond to submitted support tickets; escalate & route support items through teams to resolve issues; maintain Service Level Agreements; provide first-line support for customers’ requests/issues; implement/maintain customer support’s phone number “on call” phone tree and email address as channels for reported issues; manage technical support procedures (case tracking, escalation, reporting); oversee end-to-end integrations (HW and SW components); plan and run POCs; support RDMA solutions (Storage and Networking fields); manage/track support case assignments to global team members; apply first-level troubleshooting; assign technical issues across Excelero’s team (Professional Services, Product Management, Engineering, etc.); ensure tickets are routed to best resource and tracked for attention; meet/exceed Excelero’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments for response time/follow-up; oversee Excelero’s online customer service desk; maintain appropriate dashboards, workflows, and escalation paths to streamline 100% support coverage of customers; review dashboards on weekly basis with management for visibility into customer’s status and high priority issues; facilitate hand-off from Excelero’s Project Management to ongoing Customer Support (after completion of project deliverables); participate in client conference calls to review open service desk items; ensure customers’ concerns are documented and escalated; track time on Customer Support issues to define future hiring requirements; segment time logs by different dimensions (issue type, component, etc.); collect insights on common customers’ pain points/product shortcomings; and work with management to structure/ maintain multiple tiers of service level for Premium and Mission Critical support, and will supervise others.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Business Administration, Management, or Economics, plus 2 years experience. Experience to include managing technical support procedures (case tracking, escalation, reporting); performing end-to-end integrations (HW and SW components); planning and running POCs; and supporting solutions (RDMA storage, networking fields).

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