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Customers in the Media and Entertainment space are choosing Excelero’s NVMesh® to provide editors’ workstations with access to high bandwidth and low latency performance to accommodate streaming editing and reel presentation to any workstation at any time. NVMesh is a software-defined block storage solution that enables production and post-production workflows to be ready for current and future film standards while the business enjoys a hardware-agnostic approach, driving down costs and enabling flexibility while not sacrificing performance. A 100% software-only server SAN technology using standard networks, NVMesh NVMe storage allows unmodified applications to utilize the NVMe protocol across network storage at local speeds and latencies.

NVMesh enables post-production workstations’ access to large scalable bandwidth and low latency performance that studios and their customers need for streaming editing and reel presentation to any workstation at any time. With 4K becoming the standard and 8K on the horizon, NVMesh will enable workstations to be ready for the future while the business enjoys a hardware agnostic approach driving down costs and enabling flexibility.

The media and entertainment industry is one of the fastest evolving industries. Their constant goal is to offer viewers better, more realistic, more impressive viewing experiences. Over the past decade in particular, the industry has experienced massive video quality progression – think HD, 3D, 2K, 4K, HFR, UHDTV, etc. But as video resolution and frame rates increase, there is a big impact on the infrastructure’s production and post-production teams that need to produce, finish, and deliver the content.

Hi-Res Video Storage Challenges

  • More data: 4K is becoming the default and 8K is on the horizon; high frame rates increase capacity needs linearly
  • Dropped frames impact the technical quality of an asset
  • Tight deadlines result into higher stress for the network

When a studio switches from 2K 30fps to 4K 60fps, that means the post-production house needs to be ready to store and stream eight times as much data.

Excelero Is a Game Changer for Media and Entertainment

Excelero’s Software-Defined Storage platform NVMesh® enables Media and Entertainment companies to design Server SAN infrastructures for the most demanding post-production workflows, leveraging standard servers and multiple tiers of flash. NVMesh allows pooling flash over a network at local speeds. The primary benefit of NVMesh is that it enables true converged infrastructure by logically disaggregating storage from compute. It bypasses the CPU and avoids noisy neighbors, which is ideal for video workflows. This approach provides deterministic performance for applications and enables customers to maximize the utilization of their flash drives.

 NVMesh Key Benefits

  • NVMesh enables 4K/8K streaming @ 60fps to large pools of workstations concurrently
  • NVMesh gives twice the performance of competing solutions at 50% of the cost and requires a much lower data center footprint
  • Petabyte-scale unified pool of high-performance flash retaining the speeds and latencies of directly-attached media

Real-Time Analytics

Any-K Video


Operational Analytics

Scale & Performance

  • Delivers 99.8% of the local NVMe storage servers’ performance over the network to workstations
  • Leverage the full performance of your NVMe flash at any scale, over the network
  • Scale your performance and capacity linearly
  • Leverage high IOPS, high bandwidth or mixed


  • Supports current and future media workflows
  • Maximize the utilization of your NVMe flash devices
  • Choose hardware from any server, storage and network vendor
  • Easy to manage & monitor, reduces the maintenance TCO


  • The block interface facilitates easy integration with other legacy storage, such as GPFS or Stornext
  • Choice of architecture: converged, disaggregated or mixed
  • Mix different storage media types to optimize for cost, scale or performance
  • Scale storage and compute separately, as needed

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