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Excelero Expands Scale-out Storage Offerings by Combining Intelligent Software with State-of-the-art NICs

With Excelero’s NVMesh® validated on the new Broadcom NetXtreme® BCM57414 NIC, IT managers have greater agility, choice and ease of deployment in building hyperscale data centers

SANTA CLARA, CA August 7, 2017 – Excelero announced that it has validated its NVMesh® server SAN software on the Broadcom NetXtreme® BCM57414 25/50Gb Ethernet network interface card (NIC). The combined solution provides enterprise IT architects with a new option for storage in hyperscale data centers – one that’s equipped with the low-latency RoCE support. This combination harnesses the latest innovations in NVMe and its blazing performance, allowing enterprises to gain greater agility, ease of deployment and manageability in scale-out architectures.

Combining Excelero’s NVMesh software with the Broadcom BCM57414 NIC enables a solution with exceptionally low-latency performance suitable for Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence applications as well as web-scale enterprise loads. With the availability of the Broadcom BCM58800, a new family of 100G Smart NIC SOCs, hyperscale data center architects will be able to design an OS-agnostic, turnkey storage solution running on the SmartNIC, avoiding the need for software installs.

Broadcom and Excelero will jointly showcase their latest technologies in the Booth #729 at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California from August 8th to 10th, 2017.

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“We’re proud to obtain validation with Broadcom’s 25/50Gb NIC for our shared NVMe offering with its patented approach to low latency,” said Lior Gal, CEO and co-founder of Excelero. “There’s a massive, untapped market for enterprises that want to build hyperscale data centers like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Amazon have. The combined Broadcom BCM57414 and Excelero NVMesh solution provides a fabulous storage option for them, where they take full advantage of shared NVMe across a network at local performance.”

“Broadcom’s first exposure to Excelero’s server SAN architecture was in 2015, almost two years before the company’s commercial launch, and the performance and capabilities continue to impress,” said Dan Harding, vice president of marketing of the Compute and Connectivity Division at Broadcom Limited. “Our joint validation has proven that together Broadcom and Excelero can provide a complete solution for shared NVMe storage, which will be enhanced further as our collaboration expands on new platforms such as our BCM58800 SmartNIC.”

“This is a pioneering development in integrating silicon and software that enterprises need to expedite the deployment of NVMe-over-fabrics,” said Ryan Quick, CEO and chief architect at Providentia Worldwide, an enterprise hyperscale computing consultancy. “As alternatives to the PCIe bus emerge that are better for scale-out use, Broadcom and Excelero are key players to watch in an important and fast-changing market.”

“Effective storage for hyperscale data centers has been a significant limitation for quite some time, making Broadcom and Excelero’s work together especially impactful,” said George Crump, president and founder of Storage Switzerland. “By using Broadcom’s new NetXtreme Ethernet NIC with Excelero’s server SAN, enterprises can make sure their applications can enjoy the latency, throughput and IOPs of a local NVMe device while getting the benefits of centralized, redundant storage.”

About Excelero

Excelero enables enterprises and service providers to design scale-out storage infrastructures leveraging standard servers and high-performance flash storage. Founded in 2014 by a team of storage veterans and inspired by the tech giants’ shared-nothing architectures for web-scale applications, the company has designed a software-defined block storage solution that meets performance and scalability requirements of the largest web-scale and enterprise applications.

With Excelero’s NVMesh, customers can build distributed, high-performance server SAN for mixed application workloads. Customers benefit from the performance of local flash, with the convenience of centralized storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage TCO. The solution has been deployed for hyper-scale Industrial IoT services, machine learning applications and massive-scale simulation visualization.

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