PNY 3S-2400 AI Optimized Storage Server

Well-experienced in the GPU market, PNY developed its all-flash storage server to maximize the NVIDIA DGX GPUs usage. PNY 3S-2400 AI Optimised Storage Server creates a central pool of ultra-low latency NVMe which can be shared amongst one or multiple DGX servers.
Providing each DGX with the ideal level of resource without the need for upfront over investment. Simply connected via NVIDIA compatible EDR InfiniBand / 100Gbe, the unique RDMA protocol ensures the NVMe resource is seen and performs as if it were internal to the DGX.
Delivering ultra-low latency and tremendous bandwidth at a price which allows more investment to be made on GPU resource and less on expensive, slower storage. PNY’s NVMesh design can scale in stages to suit your project without any limitation. Just purchase the capacity and performance you need today and feel secure that as you scale, so can your capacity and performance.

Solution Key Benefits:

  • Optimized for Deep Learning and AI workloads
  • Plug and play with NVIDIA DGX systems
  • Easy to scale-up or scale-out
  • Ultra-low latency with RDMA
  • RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 6 support

Powered by Excelero NVMesh

NVMesh is a Software-Defined Block Storage solution that features Elastic NVMe, a distributed block layer that allows unmodified applications to utilize pooled NVMe storage devices across a network at local speeds and latencies.
Distributed NVMe storage resources are pooled with the ability to create arbitrary, dynamic block volumes that can be utilized by any host running the NVMeshblock client. These virtual volumes can be striped, mirrored or both while enjoying centralized management, monitoring and administration.

Technical Specifications

Common Solutions2U Starter Bundle based on 8TB drives120TB configuration based on 15TB drives
360TB on 2 nodes configuration based on 15TB drives
Form factor2U2U4U
Drives4 x 8TB8 x 15TB24 x 15TB (12 per node)
or 90TB in RAID6
or 300TB in RAID 6
Max Capacity192TB
(24 drives)
(24 drives)
(48 drives)
Latency< 100 μS< 100 μS< 100 μS
Bandwidth max12GBsec (4 drives)23GBsec46GBsec
IOPS2 million4 million8 million
Resnet50 Benchmarks (256)6 500 img/sec*
(based on a single DGX-1)
13 000 img/sec*
(based on two DGX-1)
26 000 img/sec*
(based on four DGX-1)
Connectivity2 x Independent EDR In niBand / 100Gbe2 x Independent EDR In niBand / 100Gbe4 x Independent EDR In niBand / 100Gbe
RAID 0, 1RAID 0, 1, 10, 5**, 6**
RAID 0, 1, 10, 5**, 6**

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