Any-k Video Post-Production

Customers in the Media and Entertainment space are choosing Excelero’s NVMesh® to provide editors’ workstations with access to high bandwidth and low latency performance to accommodate streaming editing and reel presentation to any workstation at any time. NVMesh is a software-defined block storage solution that enables production and post-production workflows to be ready for current and future film standards while the business enjoys a hardware-agnostic approach, driving down costs and enabling flexibility while not sacrificing performance. A 100% software-only server SAN technology using standard networks, NVMesh allows unmodified applications to utilize the NVMe protocol across network storage at local speeds and latencies.

Lior Gal – CEO (co-founder): Lior Gal is a seasoned enterprise IT leader who has grown numerous storage innovators from concept to proven product and multi-million dollar revenue streams and, in several cases, successful exits.

Beginning in technical roles at EMC and Amdocs, he led sales at Exanet, Illuminator, Crescendo Networks, and most recently was global vice president at Data Direct Networks, where he achieved dramatic revenue growth from the world’s largest web and cloud customers.