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Thursday 27 September


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Innovative Software-defined Storage solutions now enable customers to leverage these innovations without creating the traditional bottlenecks. Controller-less architectures with intelligence on the client side enable high-speed storage devices to essentially sit anywhere on the network and be treated as one large pool of high-performance storage without compromises: storage and network resources working together to provide an optimal solution. All those advances in fast networking, innovative Software-defined-storage and high density, affordable, NVMe SSDs combine to reduce the overall storage TCO for next-generation applications.
Micron, Mellanox, and Excelero have leading roles in this storage and networking revolution. They have joined forces to enable customers to design storage and networking infrastructures where technology innovations on the storage side enforce the benefits of new networking solutions and vice versa leverage each other’s benefits rather than creating bottlenecks.


9.00am Welcome Breakfast
10.00am Keynote – Lessons learned from HPC: The dark art of moving bottlenecks around system architectures — David Power, Boston Limited
10.30am Mellanox
10.45am Excelero
11.00am Micron
11.15am Customer testimonial: Latency – The Last Frontier in Storage — Peter Buschman,
11.45am Customer testimonial: Financial Data Warehouse with SAS on top of IBM Spectrum Scale and Excelero NVMesh — Adrian Immler, KosaKya GmbH
12.15am Q&A
Light Lunch

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