Web & Cloud

Achieve your goals of hardware homogeneity, maximum operational efficiency and architectural flexibility by deploying Software-Defined Block Storage solution on standard servers.

Deploy a scalable tier of high-performance flash storage on existing application servers without impacting application performance.

Key NVMesh Benefits

  • Maximum utilization of NVMesh flash devices by creating a data localization for scale-out applications
  • No data localization for scale-out applications
  • Predictable application performance – no noisy neighbors


  • Analytics
  • Databases
  • Containers
  • Real-time Analytics

Innovative Enterprise

Meet the performance and scalability requirements of new technologies such as real-time analytics and container infrastructures.

Consolidate current storage silos into unified, scale-out, flexible block storage pools on standard servers.

Deploy a uniform cache layer for multiple high-performance applications.

Key NVMesh Benefits

  • Higher performance for random I/O intensive Enterprise Applications
  • Flexible architecture to support multiple workloads
  • Lower operating costs through deployment efficiency & easy serviceability


  • Analytics & Real-time Analytics Applications
  • Databases
  • Container Environments

HPC Environments

Meet the requirements of new extreme performance and hyper-scale applications such as machine learning and simulation visualization.

Deploy a high IOPS, high-bandwidth and low latency burst buffer on your existing compute nodes.

Key NVMesh Benefits

  • Massive Performance: high IOPS & bandwidth low latency
  • Unlimited Scalability, supports analytics for massive data sets
  • Lowest cost/IOP


  • Visualization
  • Burst buffer
  • Genomics
  • Simulation
  • Electronic design automation