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High Performance Container Native Storage

A major pain point for container environments is scalable and persistent storage. Traditional storage solutions were not designed for container application design and introduce performance, scalability and flexibility constraints. Container environments, which require the performance of local flash but the flexibility and data protection of centralized storage have been left without a viable solution. Instead of using proprietary, hardware-based storage solutions, infrastructure architects and developers who want to embrace microservices style container deployments are seeking to leverage intelligent software and standard servers with state-of-the-art flash, following the examples set by tech giants like Google and Amazon.

NVMesh Server SAN supports persistent, low latency container storage for hyperscale architectures utilizing Kubernetes. This unique offering makes use of pooled, redundant NVMe storage for container applications requiring persistent volumes, so enterprises can obtain both local ash performance and container mobility at data center scale.

Container users need persistent storage that is scalable enough for stateful applications yet also offers mobility to help protect against drive or host failure. By leveraging Kubernetes with NVMesh, Excelero is enabling IT teams to have exactly that: containers that have high performance storage with both persistence and mobility.

NVMesh for Containers

The solution was designed for infrastructure architects and developers who want to embrace microservices style deployments but desire more performant approaches than NFS or persistent volumes on traditional all- ash-arrays (AFAs). NVMesh provides containers and applications the performance of local flash with the flexibility and data protection of centralized storage.

With NVMesh, the Kubernetes advanced orchestration layer can deliver pooled NVMe with local latency and performance. In this approach, containers in a pod can access persistent storage presented to that pod, but with the freedom to restart the pod on an alternate physical node.

Excelero’s NVMesh Server SAN platform further benefits container deployments with its approach by shifting data services from centralized CPU to complete client-side distribution. It virtualizes the NVMe devices and unifies the capacity into a single pool of high-performance storage in an approach that makes data locality irrelevant.

This is a breakthrough in enabling local latency and speeds on the network using standard hardware. Because NVMesh does not impose a “CPU tax” on targets sharing NVMe drives, it allows for complete converged deployments without the normal SDS penalty. This allows NVMesh to scale performance linearly at near 100% with a virtual, distributed non-volatile array without requiring additional dedicated storage servers or appliances.

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