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High-Framerate Storage For Any-k Video Post-Production

Data center and infrastructure teams at post-production houses are struggling to keep up with the rapid evolution from one resolution to the other: 4K is becoming the default and 8K is on the horizon — frame rates are increasing to 48 and even 60 frames per second (fps). The additional storage capacity – and thus also bandwidth – that is needed for higher frame rates increases linearly: doubling the frame rate from 30 fps to 60 fps also doubles the storage needs. Increasing resolution from 2K to 4K quadruples the storage needs.

As a result of this rapid evolution, and to be better prepared for current and future storage and streaming needs, M&E customers are exploring new storage and network architectures. Another challenge for media and entertainment post-production workflows is to not drop frames. Dropped frames impact the technical quality of an asset. They can cause on-screen motion, which distracts the viewer from a seamless viewing experience.

NVMesh for Any-k Video Storage

NVMesh enables workstations’ access to large scalable bandwidth and low latency performance that studios and their customers need for streaming editing and reel presentation to any workstation at any time.

With 4K becoming the standard and 8K on the horizon, NVMesh enables workstations to be ready for the future while the business enjoys a hardware agnostic approach driving down costs and enabling flexibility.

One customer found that with just (6x) servers x86 servers powered by NVMe flash, NVMesh enabled 4K streaming @60fps to 55 workstations concurrently with a low cost per GB (includes servers, NVMe drives, and networking).

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