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Excelero Named a 2018 Cool Vendor

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Designing Elastic Storage Architectures Leveraging Distributed NVMe

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High-Performance Server SAN

Software-Defined Block Storage

Software-Defined Block Storage

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Boston’s Flash-IO Talyn is a plug & play solution that enables any organization to deploy high-performance NVMe at scale with minimal configuration efforts.

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Excelero Delivers Future-Proof Storage

NVMesh offers local NVMe performance at data center scale through true convergence. NVMesh enables true converged infrastructure by logically disaggregating storage from compute: it bypasses the CPU and avoids noisy neighbors.


Excelero Profile by Eric Burgener, IDC Research Vice President

Effects of Disk Organization on Data Corruption

Excelero NVMesh – Enabling Database and DBaaS Productivity

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Excelero Enables Any-K Video Storage for Media Workflows

Solution Paper

Linearly Scalable, “Local” Burst Buffer

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Lior Gal

Excelero Presents High-Framerate Storage For Any-k Video Post-Production

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Michael Chazot

A Phenomenal Throughput for 4K, 8K, 16K in Multiple Stream

What People Say About Excelero

“By moving to Excelero and Mellanox for our teutoStack public cloud offering, we achieved stunning performance with an all-Linux implementation that is streamlined, resilient and automated. More importantly, we’re positioned to capture growth areas such as analytics, machine learning and AI where demanding databases require storage to match.”

Burkhard NoltensmeierCEO at

“For SciNet, NVMesh is an extremely cost-effective method of achieving unheard-of burst buffer bandwidth. By adding commodity flash drives and NVMesh software to compute nodes, and to a low-latency network fabric that was already provided for the supercomputer itself, NVMesh provides redundancy without impacting target CPUs. This enables standard servers to go beyond their usual role in acting as block targets – the servers now can also act as file servers.”

Dr. Daniel GrunerChief Technical Officer, SciNet

“Healthcare organizations have an insatiable need for advanced analytics yet getting efficient performance from large databases demands a storage infrastructure with high performance and ultra-low latency. Excelero’s NVMesh software delivered beyond our expectations. Because of its flexibility and scalability, we deployed NVMesh in just two days, versus several weeks for DSSD – 80% faster. The time we saved can help our customers get started sooner with important medical research and finding new ways to control healthcare costs.”

Brian DoughertyChief Technical Architect, CMA
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