Excelero’s NVMesh® Named 2017 Product

of the Year in Software-Defined Storage

by Storage Magazine and SearchStorage


Excelero Delivers Future-Proof Storage

Software-Defined Block Storage

Excelero Profile by Eric Burgener, IDC Research Vice President

Effects of Disk Organization on Data Corruption

Excelero NVMesh – Enabling Database and DBaaS Productivity

Customer Success

Excelero enables the NASA Hyperwall team to work with bigger and more complicated data sets.

Case Study

Linearly Scalable,
“Local” Burst Buffer

Solution Paper

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Lior Gal

Showcases NVMesh and Excelero Partners

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SciNet Does Large-Scale Modeling, Simulation, Analysis and Visualization with Excelero NVMesh

NVMesh offers local NVMe performance at data center scale through true convergence

NVMesh enables true converged infrastructure by logically disaggregating storage from compute: it bypasses the CPU and avoids noisy neighbors.