Webinar: How to architect low latency with NVMe at PB scale for AI & ML workloads

Monday | August 19th | 2019 | 09 AM PST


Most GPU's are only used at 30% of their capacity

NVMesh can help you maximize your GPU utilization

Maximize your NVMe ROI with NVMesh

NVMesh enables shared NVMe across any network and supports any local or distributed file system. Customers benefit from the performance of local flash with the convenience of centralized storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage TCO.

NVMesh Business Value

“Thanks to its unique RDDA technology and client-side architecture, NVMesh gave us 10 times lower IO latency and 20 times higher IOPs performance.”
Burkhard Noltensmeier
Burkhard Noltensmeier,
CEO at teuto.com
“NVMesh is an extremely cost-effective method of achieving unheard-of burst buffer bandwidth using standard NVMe flash drives and commodity servers.”
Dr. Daniel Gruner
Dr. Daniel Gruner,
Chief Technical Officer at SciNet
“NVMesh performance is stellar: in our Oracle RAC 12c benchmark, it provided the fastest tablespace creation time of any storage hardware CMA has ever tested.”
Burkhard Noltensmeier
Brian Dougherty,
Chief Technical Architect at CMA

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