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Run your IO-intensive workloads on any cloud with no storage bottlenecks

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Main benefits

Place your hot data in a virtual pool of NVMe flash with local performance

Reduce costs with efficient utilization of infrastructure

Get scalable big data storage solutions and networking with microsecond overhead for ubiquitous access

Enjoy the highest level of distributed data protection

Excelero NVMesh enables AI, HPC and data analytics solutions to rapidly process massive amounts of data

Excelero NVMesh closes the storage performance gaps between on-premise and public clouds


Public cloud storage with data protection lacks sufficient performance. As a result, customers are forced to compensate with excess computing.
Alternatively, ephemeral NVMe storage with fast performance don’t provide sufficient data protection or data sharing.


Excelero’s NVMesh software-defined storage deploys distributed data protection over public cloud instances with ephemeral NVMe drives, creating a unique, virtual, high-performance and low-latency storage pool.

NVMesh technology stack

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud support
  • Wide range of applications support
  • Native Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift integration
  • Applications perceive logical volumes as centralized storage
  • Cloud-grade distributed data protection
  • Client side scalable architecture
  • Supports InfiniBand, RoCE and TCP/IP
  • Minimal network latency overhead
  • Storage disaggregation with NVMe-oF support
  • Public cloud instances
  • NVMe/ Servers/ Networks of your choice
  • Containerized environment

Key use cases


Benefit from the low latency, high throughput and IO/s of a local NVMe device while enjoying the advantages of centralized, redundant storage

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Scalable disaggregated shared storage enables working on big data sets and reduces training time from weeks to days

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Data analytics

Scalable data-protected storage satisfies the high bandwidth requirements of modern data analytics applications at any scale, with improved cost-efficiency

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High-performance computing

Drastically shortens processing time and gives supercomputing centers the ability to maximize their availability

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Try out NVMesh with Red Hat OpenShift on Azure

Experience all the benefits of accelerating applications development with the superior elastic storage performance in a containerized environment.

NVMesh on Azure is available now. Contact to get started in a jiffy.

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