Customer Success

Excelero enables the NASA Hyperwall team to work with bigger and more complicated data sets.


Unleash the Maximum Potential of NVMe Storage

New Micron SolidScale™ Platform Architecture, featuring Excelero NVMesh, unlocks unused capacity and performance.


"Excelero's NVMesh architecture extends the promise of SDS to low-latency workloads by leveraging server-side NVMe-based flash storage to deliver a scalable converged infrastructure for next level performance."
—Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.


Maximize operational efficiency and architectural flexibility

Fully utilize your NVMe capacity and IOPS – all data is “local” with no application changes


High-Performance Computing

Meet the requirements of new extreme-performance and hyper-scale applications such as machine learning and simulation visualization. Deploy a high IOPS, high-bandwidth and low latency burst buffer on your existing compute nodes.

Excelero joins Open19 Foundation – Lior Gal named Board Advisor
Sharing NVMe across the network at local speeds and latencies
Use Case:
NVMe for Hyperscale
Web & Cloud

Maximize your Storage
Efficiency and Flexibility

Excelero was inspired by how Tech Giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google have redefined storage for web-scale applications to maximize operational efficiency and flexibility.

Meet the Storage Requirements of All Your Applications

New applications, such as IoT, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, have a big impact on storage workloads and require a significant transformation in storage architectures.

Do not Compromise
on Scalability or Performance

Excelero’s NVMesh® enables customers to design ServerSAN infrastructures for the most demanding enterprise and cloud-scale applications, leveraging standard servers and multiple tiers of flash.

Leverage NVMe
at full capacity

NVMesh features Elastic NVMe, a distributed block layer that allows unmodified applications to utilize pooled NVMe storage devices across a network at local speeds and latencies.

NVMesh offers local NVMe performance at data center scale through true convergence

NVMesh enables true converged infrastructure by logically disaggregating storage from compute:
it bypasses the CPU and avoids noisy neighbors.

100% Software-defined Storage

Leverages standard servers and state-of- the-art components: NVMesh is deployed as a virtual, distributed non-volatile array and supports both converged and disaggregated architectures.

Highest distributed NVMe performance

NVMe deployed throughout the data center as one pool: applications benefit from latency, throughput and IOPs of local NVMe with the benefits of centralized, redundant storage.

Scales across the datacenter

Start with a few servers and scale out limitlessly across data centers with guaranteed reliability and predictable performance while maintaining operational simplicity.