Channel Partners

Excelero’s mission is to provide solutions for the most demanding workloads on clouds with unprecedented speed and throughput of data far exceeding those achievable with other storage alternatives.

This task requires partnerships with leading server platforms, cutting edge network technology or sometimes both.

Together with our partners, we enable our customers to optimize performance, scale or cost, and make sure they meet all their business requirements. NVMesh was designed to let our customers enjoy all the benefits of their hardware of choice.

NVMesh is truly software-defined, so that our customers can have complete flexibility in selecting server, storage and networking components from our technology partners, as well as integrated applications.

Excelero Channel Partners


“Excelero NVMesh adds a valuable new dimension to PixStor, enabling customers to efficiently maximize utilization of their NVMe drives. The result is a future-proof storage architecture that enables post-production studios to keep pace with the constant evolution of M&E technology by offering incremental improvements in commodity server, network and NVMe storage technologies over time.”

Ben LeaverPixit Media CEO and co-founder