What is NVMesh

NVMesh provides more IOPs, higher bandwidth, and lower latency than any other solution on the market

NVMesh is a new generation of software defined storage, specifically designed to make the high IOPS and low latency of NVMe drives available as shared NVMe storage across any cloud network.

Excelero NVMesh transforms NVMe SSDs into enterprise-grade protected storage that supports any local or distributed file system. Applications can enjoy the latency, throughput and IOPs of a local NVMe device with the convenience of centralized storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage TCO.

Being a 100% software-based solution, NVMesh was built to give customers maximum flexibility in designing storage infrastructures.

What Makes NVMesh Unique?


Software-Defined Storage

NVMesh is a software-only product that runs on the cloud or your choice of hardware. There is no need to change anything in the configuration. By choosing the infrastructure where NVMesh runs, you can design the environment that works best for you to meet your objectives: the most cost savings, the best efficiency or the one with the highest performance.

Elastic NVMe

NVMesh virtualizes NVMe flash devices to get maximum utilization of those devices. We abstract the capacity of your NVMe devices and create a pool of high-performance storage that look and perform like a physical local NVMe device, with very little latency.



NVMesh does not use any CPU cycles on the target host (the storage) because the client (on the compute side) talks directly to the target host memory through the NIC, and triggers operations directly to the NVMe device and back.

Highly available, protected.

NVMesh ensures that if there is a failure of a device or an entire host, your data remains available and protected. The logical volume will stay up. NVMesh offers also erasure coding, which can achieve higher protection with 60-80% usable capacity.



NVMesh avoids noisy neighbors so it doesn’t matter how active clients are against a target. This allows NVMesh to be deployed in a converged architecture with full application performance predictability.

Scalability: Client-Side Distributed Architecture

NVMesh provides roughly 100% linear scalability. as you add nodes, network bandwidth and NVMe drives, we increase our performance capability: IOPs and bandwidth.

NVMesh technology stack

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud support
  • Wide range of applications support
  • Native Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift integration
  • Applications perceive logical volumes as centralized storage
  • Cloud-grade distributed data protection
  • Client side scalable architecture
  • Supports InfiniBand, RoCE and TCP/IP
  • Minimal network latency overhead
  • Storage disaggregation with NVMe-oF support
  • Public cloud instances
  • NVMe/ Servers/ Networks of your choice
  • Containerized environment

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