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Get the performance of local flash with the persistence and scalability of centralized storage

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Excelero, a Kubernetes storage provider, offers NVMesh that facilitates the transition to containerized deployments, providing bare-metal performance for Kubernetes clusters. By increasing performance and turnaround time by 20% while reaping a 5x cost savings on Hyperscaler, we’ve proven that Container Native Storage can be simultaneously cost-effective and high-performing.

  • Provides high-speed, elastic storage to clusters, scaling linearly from a few pods to entire data centers of 100,000 nodes with heavy workloads
  • Preserves the high-performance of bare-metal deployments on-premise and on public clouds
  • Uses the underlying networking (RDMA and TCP/IP) and NVMe drives effectively and efficiently
  • Unique, distributed Erasure Coding provides a cost-efficient way to allocate high-performance volumes to containers to meet peak demand
  • Deployed within the Kubernetes clusters as Container-Native Storage, making day-to-day task management easy
kubernetes storage provider: Excelero

NVMesh scales performance linearly at near 100% with a virtual, distributed non-volatile array, without requiring additional dedicated storage servers or appliances.

NVMesh on Kubernetes for Hyperscaler

The perfect synergy

The problem

As CI/CD teams transition to working remotely, the allocation of a large and scalable pool of servers has become crucial.

  • Kubernetes is the natural solution, allowing not only a tried-and-tested environment, but also a way to leverage public cloud resources as a bursting option, even in hybrid deployment mode
  • Working with Kubernetes requires container-native storage with a high set of performance, without any external entities
  • Other Kubernetes storage providers aren’t able to provide these levels of performance

The solution

Excelero, a leading Kubernetes storage provider has developed NVMesh – a container-native software-defined storage solution for low-latency distributed block storage for web-scale applications.

  • Intended for larger data centers with upwards of 100,000 nodes, the system avoids any centralized capability for the data path, enabling a direct application of NVMe to the data path
  • The control and management plane components are shifted to the native container API-based operations
  • The data path is left unaffected by the containerized nature of the Kubernetes environment
  • NVMesh enables shared NVMe across any network, with support for any local or distributed file system
  • It is container-native while preserving the performance characteristics of bare-metal storage software

Red Hat OpenShift

Excelero NVMesh has Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification, so that storage architects can integrate high-performance, low-latency NVMe storage into hybrid and multi-cloud Red Hat deployments for even the most demanding applications.

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Azure Kubernetes Service

Excelero brings the performance and value of NVMesh technology to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) ensuring you get the efficiency, performance and scale from a native Azure service.

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