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Excelero Expands Its Cloud Portfolio with Debut of NVMesh™ Cloud Management Portal

By February 11, 2022No Comments

Streamlines the path for databases, analytics, AI/ML, other demanding workloads to move to the public cloud with the performance they need

Excelero, a provider of solutions for the most demanding public and private cloud workloads, has expanded its cloud portfolio by debuting the NVMesh Cloud Management Portal for fast and easy deployment and operation of Excelero’s award winning NVMesh® storage software in the cloud. A web-based management tool, the NVMesh cloud portal streamlines deployment of NVMesh storage for core business applications and allows IT teams to manage them from a readily accessible interface. The NVMesh cloud portal currently supports NVMesh storage deployments on the Azure cloud. It is the first of several cloud-based management tools Excelero will debut in 2022.

The NVMesh Cloud Management Platform evolved from Excelero’s 2021 experiences in helping major organizations migrate their demanding workloads from on-premises to the cloud. Pent up demand exists in numerous sectors – financial institutions, genomics, retailers, aerospace and oil and gas – to explore infrastructure alternatives for monthly transaction reports that require full database scans. These workloads are almost exclusively run on dedicated, multi-million dollar on-premises resources. When the underlying infrastructure is too slow, delivery of results can be tens of hours, and storage is often the main bottleneck.

By delivering the storage performance they need in the cloud, NVMesh offers institutions a path for offloading costly resources that for years have bloated budgets. Organizations can deliver on business transformation goals, avoid CapEx and minimize OpEx, while assuring stellar application performance as they move IO-intensive workloads from on-premises to public clouds.

With the NVMesh Cloud Management Portal, IT administrators that wish to move applications to the cloud now have an at-a-glance summary of deployment details, cluster properties, and volumes – for easy review and completion with Click-to-Deploy simplicity.

For example, in Oracle SLOB tests at a financial institution running Oracle on Azure with Excelero’s NVMesh storage,  the institution achieved 27GB/s OLAP read bandwidth and 1,300 OLTP transactions per second at 800k database IO operations per second. Prior to NVMesh storage on Azure, this performance was unheard of in the cloud.

“The cloud is heavy on compute and networking performance, but generally storage performance is not good enough for many core workloads. Excelero is committed to expanding that by creating our cloud portfolio to help customers move their most important applications to the cloud,” said Yaniv Romem, CEO of Excelero.

“In pioneering engagements during 2021, Excelero helped leading institutions remove the storage bottleneck that prevented them from gaining a competitive edge in agility, cost and innovation. The NVMesh Cloud Management Portal is a milestone on the delivery of a cloud-first strategy that will help our customers to further streamline their path to efficiency.”

About Excelero

Excelero provides reliable, cost-effective, scalable, high-performance storage solutions for customers with artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-performance computing, database acceleration and analytics workloads. Excelero’s software brings a new level of storage capabilities to public clouds, paving a smooth transition path for such IO-intensive workloads from on-premises to public clouds and supporting digital transformation.

Excelero’s flagship product NVMesh® transforms NVMe drives into enterprise-grade protected storage that supports any local or distributed file system. Featuring data-center scalability, NVMesh provides logical volumes with data protection and continuous monitoring of the stored data for reliability. High-performance computing, artificial intelligence and database applications enjoy ultra-low latency with 20 times faster data processing, high-performance throughput of terabytes per second and millions of IOs per second per compute node. As a 100% software-based solution, NVMesh is the only container-native storage solution for IO-intensive workloads for Kubernetes. These capabilities make NVMesh an optimal storage solution that drastically reduces storage cost of ownership while boosting scalability and performance.

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