What customers are saying about Excelero

“By moving to Excelero and Mellanox for our teutoStack public cloud offering, we achieved stunning performance with an all-Linux implementation that is streamlined, resilient and automated. More importantly, we’re positioned to capture growth areas such as analytics, machine learning and AI where demanding databases require storage to match.”

Burkhard NoltensmeierCEO at

“For SciNet, NVMesh is an extremely cost-effective method of achieving unheard-of burst buffer bandwidth. By adding commodity flash drives and NVMesh software to compute nodes, and to a low-latency network fabric that was already provided for the supercomputer itself, NVMesh provides redundancy without impacting target CPUs. This enables standard servers to go beyond their usual role in acting as block targets – the servers now can also act as file servers.”

Dr. Daniel GrunerChief Technical Officer, SciNet

“Healthcare organizations have an insatiable need for advanced analytics yet getting efficient performance from large databases demands a storage infrastructure with high performance and ultra-low latency. Excelero’s NVMesh software delivered beyond our expectations. Because of its flexibility and scalability, we deployed NVMesh in just two days, versus several weeks for DSSD – 80% faster. The time we saved can help our customers get started sooner with important medical research and finding new ways to control healthcare costs.”

Brian DoughertyChief Technical Architect, CMA

“The IT infrastructure required to feed dozens of workstations of 4K files at 24 fps is mindboggling – and that doesn’t even consider what storage demands we’ll face with 8K or even 16K formats. It’s imperative that we can scale to future film standards today. Now, with innovations like the shared NVMe storage such as Excelero provides, Technicolor can enjoy a hardware-agnostic approach, enabling flexibility for tomorrow while not sacrificing performance.”

Amir BemanianEngineering Director, Technicolor

What people are saying about Excelero

“Excelero maximizes the efficiency and flexibility benefits for Open19 users by enabling customers to build cloud-scale, shared accelerated storage in the Open19 ecosystem.”

Yuval BacharPrincipal Engineer, Global Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy, LinkedIn

“Excelero’s NVMesh architecture extends the promise of SDS to low-latency workloads by leveraging server-side NVMe-based flash storage to deliver a scalable converged infrastructure for next level performance.”

Scott SinclairSenior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

“Rack-scale flash vendor Excelero leverages performance and efficiency advantages to drive compelling customer value.”

Eric BurgenerVice President, IDC Research

“Effective storage for hyperscale data centers has been a significant limitation for quite some time, making Broadcom and Excelero’s work together especially impactful. By using Broadcom’s new NetXtreme Ethernet NIC with Excelero’s server SAN, enterprises can make sure their applications can enjoy the latency, throughput and IOPs of a local NVMe device while getting the benefits of centralized, redundant storage.”

George CrumpPresident and Founder, Storage Switzerland

“We are proud to select Excelero NVMesh® for the Best of Show Technology Innovation Award as it brings to the general commercial marketplace a new architecture and virtual SAN approach for shared NVMe that scales performance linearly at near 100% efficiency.”

Jay KramerChairman of the Flash Memory Summit awards program and President of Network Storage Advisors Inc.

“By leveraging Kubernetes with its server SAN platform, Excelero is enabling IT teams to have exactly that: containers that can have high performance storage with both persistence and mobility.”

Mark PetersPractice Director & Senior Analyst, ESG

“Micron is exploring innovative opportunities with companies like Excelero that are like-minded in solving today’s critical storage performance bottlenecks. The work Excelero is doing in optimizing the SW infrastructure capitalizes on the potential offered by NVMe SSD’s, helps customers gain high performance efficiency and spurs innovation in new workloads that demand the highest performance.”

Eric EndebrockVP of Marketing Storage Business Unit, Micron

“The features and capabilities of NVMesh are proving to be quite impressive. Excelero has combined NVMe SSDs and Mellanox networking with advanced storage management features and the ability to distribute NVMe storage in a hyper-converged model. This gives customers more options to accelerate critical analytics and e-commerce applications using the fastest storage and networking technologies available.”

John F. KimDirector of Storage Marketing, Mellanox Technologies.

“Excelero’s innovative approach really stands head and shoulders above alternative technologies. When it came to choosing a partner for the Boston Flash-IO Talyn, our NVMe over fabric solution, Excelero’s extreme performance, cutting edge NVMe over fabrics technologies, and scale out capabilities were impossible to ignore”

Manoj NayeeManaging Director, Boston Limited

“By reliably delivering shared NVMe-based storage directly to demanding applications using commodity components, Excelero is a revolutionary technology and fits perfectly with our storage solutions for high performance computing and media and entertainment use cases.”

Ben LeaverCEO and Co-Founder, Pixit Media and ArcaStream

“Unprecedented digital data growth demands that enterprises move to new, more scalable storage systems. Excelero is well positioned to help enterprises, OEMs and channel partners unleash more potential from their data at web scale. This area is ripe for continued innovation, and we’re thrilled to support Excelero’s growth in this space.”

Merav WeinrybManaging Director, Qualcomm Ventures Israel

“Excelero’s technology has significant appeal for today’s most in-demand use cases with IoT and big data,”

Itzik ParnafesGeneral Partner, Battery Ventures

“Excelero’s approach makes data locality irrelevant, and that’s a huge technology advantage: with the NVMesh RDDA protocol, the latency to a remote device is so small that the application won’t notice the difference between local and remote. It enables applications to effectively share NVMe, which will only become more significant as new non-volatile memory technologies like 3D XPoint™ come to market.”

Howard MarksFounder & Chief Scientist, DeepStorage, LLC