Efficiently migrate your critical Oracle databases to Azure with NVMesh technology

Improve Oracle database performance with previously unheard-of levels of resilience and efficiency in the cloud

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Excelero technology provides breakthrough storage solutions for demanding cloud workloads. Improve Oracle database performance with NVMesh. Our software-defined storage solution provides throughput and latency that meet the targets of even the largest Oracle databases. NVMesh technology offers an Oracle database solution that removes cloud storage bottlenecks, with a resilient architecture that protects your critical workloads against both drive and machine failure, so you can deploy your business- and mission-critical Oracle databases to Azure with peace-of-mind.

Three types of storage architecture to meet your goals

1. Large capacity databases

Combines large capacity local NVMe drives on LSv2 virtual machines into one protected shared block device with high performance and excellent ROI.

2. Ultimate performance for challenging OLTP

Aggregates top-of-the-line HBv3 virtual machine performance with Infiniband RDMA-enabled instances, providing the highest performing shared cloud storage available.

NVMesh on HBv3 VMs uses NVMe and RDMA to provide sub-100 microsecond latencies, over 23 GBs/s bandwidth and up to three million IOs/s, satisfying any Oracle workload.

3. Best price/performance

Hybrid architecture combines the networking performance of HBv3 virtual machines and the high capacity of LSv2 virtual machines to provide high performance for large capacity databases.