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​If you’re looking for a new solution for your data, look no further than ​NVMesh​ software

NVMesh​ is a new generation of software​-defined storage, specifically designed to ​​efficiently provide efficient, performant storage in the public cloud or the data center with the availability your most important applications need. You get maximum flexibility when designing your application infrastructure, without having to compromise on speed or availability. We offer several possible installation options, depending on your company’s needs.

Deploy your most critical application on Microsoft Azure

Excelero provides the efficiency and performance your core databases, from Oracle to SQL, require run on the cloud.  With a simple to deploy interface, you get a highly resilient environment to keep your applications up and running through whatever challenge is thrown at it.

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Installation of NVMesh software on AKS & Red Hat OpenShift

The NVMesh Operator for Red Hat Openshift allows agile storage infrastructures without the need for an external storage cluster or appliance to achieve superior storage performance. Contact our sales department for more info.

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On-prem NVMesh set-up installation

To drive application performance to the highest levels on-prem, NVMesh software can be deployed on any infrastructure with the fastest NVMe drives and networks to get the best cost-performance in the market.  With support for traditional network fabrics and protocols, enabling NVMe over Ethernet and InfiniBand, you won’t have to invest in any new networking technologies to deploy NVMesh.

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