What makes NVMesh Unique?

Virtual SAN

NVMesh is the only virtual SAN approach for shared NVMe: it is the only solution that is 100% software-only. Customers can choose any standard servers and state-of-the-art flash drives to meet all their storage requirements.

Unified NVMe

NVMesh allows unmodified applications to utilize pooled NVMe storage across a network at local speeds and latencies. A unified pool of NVMe enables customers to maximize NVMe utilization and avoids data locality issues for the application.


NVMesh enables 100% converged infrastructure by full logical disaggregation of storage and compute. The patented Remote Direct Drive Access (RDDA) bypasses the CPU and avoids the noisy neighbors effect for the application. Applications can leverage the full capability of CPU.


NVMesh is the industry’s most flexible deployment model for Server SAN: it is deployed as a virtual, distributed non-volatile array and supports both converged and disaggregated architectures, and even mixed environments, giving customers full freedom in their architectural design.

100% Efficiency

NVMesh is the only NVMe sharing technology that scales performance linearly at near 100% efficiency. The shift of data services from centralized CPU to complete client side distribution provides deterministic performance for applications and enables customers to maximize the utilization of their flash drives.

NVMesh Benefits

Scale & Performance

  • Leverage the full performance of your NVMe flash at scale, over the network.
  • Predictable application performance – no noisy neighbors.
  • Scale your performance and capacity linearly.
  • Leverage high IOPS, high bandwidth or mixed.


  • Maximize the utilization of your NVMe flash devices.
  • No data localization.
  • Easy to manage & monitor, reduces the maintenance TCO.


  • Mix different storage media types to optimize for cost, scale or performance.
  • Use native NVMesh and/or NVMf transports to future-proof your environment.
  • Utilize products from any server, storage and network vendor, no vendor lock-in.
  • Scale storage and compute separately.