What Makes NVMesh Unique?


Server SAN

100% SDS, leveraging standard servers and next-generation storage & networking components

Elastic NVMe

Pools NVMe storage across a network at local speeds and latencies


Enables 100% converged infrastructure

Virtual Array

Deployed as a virtual, distributed non-volatile array and supports both converged and disaggregated architectures

Client-Side, Distributed Architecture

Enables NVMe sharing that scales performance linearly at near 100% efficiency

Local Performance at Data Center Scale

Ubiquitous Access

Remote IOPS = Local IOPS
Remote BW = Local BW
Remote Lat.    = Local Lat. + ~5us

Highly Optimized

Capacity-optimized platform with 24 NVMe drives delivers:
> 4.9M 4KB IOPS
> 24GB/s
< 200us of latency


20 servers, shared data, > 99% efficiency
128 servers @ NASA > 140 GB/s write throughput (bound by NVMe devices)

True Convergence

Using RDDA, 0% target CPU usage
Scales linearly to 100s of millions of IOPs per rack

NVMesh Benefits

Scale & Performance

  • Leverage the full performance of your NVMe flash at scale, over the network.
  • Predictable application performance – no noisy neighbors.
  • Scale your performance and capacity linearly.
  • Leverage high IOPS, high bandwidth or mixed.


  • Maximize the utilization of your NVMe flash devices.
  • No data localization.
  • Easy to manage & monitor, reduces the maintenance TCO.


  • Mix different storage media types to optimize for cost, scale or performance.
  • Use native NVMesh and/or NVMf transports to future-proof your environment.
  • Utilize products from any server, storage and network vendor, no vendor lock-in.
  • Scale storage and compute separately.

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