Presenter: Randy Kreiser, Senior Storage Architect at Super Micro Computer

NVMe-based flash and appliances are the new hot trend in technology: NVMe offers the ability to read and write data at unprecedented performance levels. But how are these performance levels achieved? NVMe drives by themselves are pretty useless if you can’t deploy them at scale without performance loss, provision volumes, protect the data, etc.

Looking at the standard tools contained within the Linux Operating System, we have utilities to stripe multiple NVMe drives together. But these tools were developed for spinning disk and do not provide the ability to take advantage of NVMe speeds and feeds.

In this webinar, Randy Kreiser discusses how Super Micro Computer leverages Excelero’s NVMesh to deploy end-to-end distributed NVMe solutions for their customers. The joint solution leverages NVMesh’s integration with fast low-latency network technologies such as InfiniBand and 100Gb Ethernet, along with the RDMA and ROCE protocols. Randy will also address the benefits of combining NVMesh with a parallel file system of choice.