The essence of data-driven sciences such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is the ability to process as much collected and simulated data as possible in the shortest amount of time.
Just like GPUs have revolutionized high-performance computing, NVMe flash is revolutionizing storage performance: NVMe can load AI and ML datasets multiple times faster to the application and avoid starving GPUs.
Watch this webinar replay to learn how AI data scientists and HPC researchers feed far more data to the applications by providing GPUs with direct access to an elastic pool of NVMe.
The webinar feature use cases from production customers who leverage Elastic NVMe to:
  • Eliminate data bottlenecks and can get to better results faster.
  • Process massive amounts of data in minutes, rather than hours or days.
  • Delivers up to 20x faster data processing for multi-server, multi-GPU compute nodes


Tom Leyden, VP Marketing, Excelero

Joe Harlan, Solution Architect, Excelero

Adam Jundt, Sr. Sales Engineer, Advanced HPC