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Excelero’s NVMesh® Wins A Best of Show Award at Flash Memory Summit

Named Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology in the software-defined storage category for its shared NVMe at local performance, so enterprises can build hyperscale data centers with ease

SANTA CLARA, CA August 10, 2017 – Excelero, a disruptor in software-defined block storage, announced that its NVMesh® server SAN product was named a 2017 Best of Show award winner at the Flash Memory Summit in San Jose last night. Recognized as the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology in the software-defined storage category, NVMesh allows enterprises to build hyperscale data center architectures by delivering shared NVMe at local latency and performance.

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“The largest web-scale cloud providers have been enjoying hyperconverged architectures to achieve the massive scale and performance required to be successful in delivering IT solutions to marketplace,” said Jay Kramer, chairman of the awards program and president of Network Storage Advisors Inc. “We are proud to select Excelero NVMesh® for the Best of Show Technology Innovation Award as it brings to the general commercial marketplace a new architecture and virtual SAN approach for shared NVMe that scales performance linearly at near 100% efficiency.”

The result of 10 patents/pending patents, NVMesh allows enterprises to run unmodified applications that enjoy the latency, throughput and IOPs of a local NVMe device while benefiting from centralized, redundant storage. Distributed NVMe storage resources are pooled with the ability to create arbitrary, dynamic block volumes usable by any host running the NVMesh block client. These virtual volumes can be striped, mirrored or both while enjoying centralized management, monitoring and administration.

“Because of limitations of NVMe flash, it’s virtually impossible to level out utilization across an entire infrastructure, which results in NVMe capacity and performance waste,” said Lior Gal, CEO of Excelero. “We’re proud to be recognized for the pioneering way that our NVMesh addresses a major limitation of NVMe, and helps enterprises achieve their flexibility, efficiency and scalability goals.”

About Excelero

Excelero enables enterprises and service providers to design scale-out storage infrastructures leveraging standard servers and high-performance flash storage. Founded in 2014 by a team of storage veterans and inspired by the tech giants’ shared-nothing architectures for web-scale applications, the company has designed a software-defined block storage solution that meets performance and scalability requirements of the largest web-scale and enterprise applications.

With Excelero’s NVMesh, customers can build distributed, high-performance server SAN for mixed application workloads. Customers benefit from the performance of local flash, with the convenience of centralized storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage TCO. The solution has been deployed for hyper-scale Industrial IoT services, machine learning applications and massive-scale simulation visualization.

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