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Mellanox and NVMesh 2

Excelero Announces Support for Mellanox’s BlueField™, Taking Web-Scale Storage with NVMesh® to a Whole New Level

Ultra high performance for Ethernet storage fabrics that avoids additional drivers and provides an OS-agnostic platform for running NVMesh on any OS supporting NVMe

DALLAS TX November 13, 2018 – At the SC18 conference today Excelero, a disruptor in software-defined block storage, announced that its NVMesh® 2 software will support the BlueField™ dual-port 100Gb/s system-on-a-chip (SoC) and smart network interface card (SmartNIC) adapters from Mellanox. BlueField’s record-setting NVMe over Fabrics IOPs and ultra low latency will add to the already impressive performance and cost-advantage that Excelero’s NVMesh software delivers for today’s most demanding applications, including high performance computing. Because computers using NVMesh on BlueField offload IO processing to the BlueField SmartNIC, they free CPU resources for other much needed processing tasks, achieving greater cost-efficiency.

In addition, since NVMesh® software drivers reside on the BlueField SmartNIC, IT teams running NVMesh on BlueField platforms avoid the need to install client-side drivers – and get an OS-agnostic storage solution that runs automatically on any OS supporting NVMe, such as Windows, proprietary and non-standard Linux distributions, MacOS, VMware and other enterprise platforms.
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As the high performance computing (HPC) community embraces NVMe Flash storage, the Excelero NVMesh/BlueField combination offers an industry-leading approach that delivers the near-instant response times of local NVMe that users crave, while benefitting from the efficiencies of centralized storage. The elimination of software driver complexity and wide OS platform support give HPC environments the same flexibility that IT leaders demand for web-scale applications.

The BlueField dual port 100Gb/s SoC solutions combine Mellanox’s leading ConnectX®-5 network acceleration technology with an array of high-performance 64-bit Arm A72 processor cores and a PCIe Gen3 and Gen4 switch. The BlueField SmartNIC adapters have demonstrated 7.5 million IOPS, with zero CPU utilization and under 3 microseconds of NVMe-oF latency – performance that is the perfect fit for NVMesh’s design for enabling shared NVMe Flash at local performance.

“Mellanox’s BlueField family of SmartNICs, storage controllers and systems-on-a-chip provide smart and scalable NVMe accelerations that are a great fit for HPC applications requiring superior efficiency and low total cost of ownership,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of Marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “Leveraging the advantages of BlueField, Excelero is poised to extend the value of software-defined block storage platforms, accelerating the next generations of high performance computing.”

“Every IT manager needs smart ways to do more with the same resources, and BlueField along with NVMesh is an outstanding way to accomplish this for demanding web-scale applications,” said Yaniv Romem, CTO of Excelero. “We are delighted to be the first NVMe software-defined storage provider to support the Mellanox BlueField platform, and to continue our support for Mellanox’s 100Gb/s solutions.”

Excelero is presently testing BlueField SmartNIC configurations, with BlueField support planned in spring 2019 in the just-announced NVMesh 2. For more information see Excelero at SC18 in the Mellanox booth #3207, or visit

About Excelero

Excelero delivers low-latency distributed block storage for web-scale applications. Founded in 2014 by a team of storage veterans and inspired by the Tech Giants’ shared-nothing architectures for web-scale applications, the company has designed a software-defined block storage solution that meets the low-latency performance and scalability requirements of the largest web-scale and enterprise applications.

Excelero’s NVMesh enables shared NVMe across any network and supports any local or distributed file system. Customers benefit from the performance of local flash with the convenience of centralized storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage TCO. NVMesh is deployed by major web-scale customers, for data analytics and machine learning applications and in Media & Entertainment post-production and HPC environments.

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