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Excelero and Partners Make a Splash at IBC 2018

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Live Any-K Video Demos, New Solutions Showcase NVMe in Media & Entertainment

IBC calls itself the world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show for good reason: with over 57,000 visitors and over 1,700 exhibitors from over 170 countries, there’s a broad range of exciting developments, technologies and ideas on display there. In large part the M&E industry has become one of the fastest evolving sectors because of its rapid adoption of innovative technologies, particularly in the data center.

Excelero will be at IBC 2018 with five major M&E partners: Global Distribution, Intel (with ClusTaur), Pixit Media (with Boston Limited), Quantum, and Western Digital. You can see live demos at the Quantum, Intel and Pixit Media booths, and in-depth use case results at Western Digital and Global Distribution. Whether you’re already deploying next-gen storage solutions or just developing your strategy, Excelero can highlight the role that NVMe-based flash is playing today at some of the largest film, TV and content companies – and how you can make it optimize your operations.

New high-resolution formats and higher frame rates present a colossal challenge to M&E IT teams. When a studio switches from 2K 30fps to 4K 60fps, the post-production house must be prepared to store and stream eight times as much data. Even more if the studio invested in extra cameras, new visual effects, high dynamic range, or more.

Excelero provides any-k video storage for media workflows, enabling customers to build future proof post-production infrastructures, optimized for 4K and 8K video, and ready for 16K as proven by our customers. Excelero’s NVMesh provides editors’ workstations with access to high bandwidth and low latency performance to accommodate streaming, editing and reel presentation to any workstation at any time.

To see a live demo of how NVMesh future-proofs post-production storage, visit Excelero at its partners booths. Excelero will be showing glitch-free 8K playback on DaVinci Resolve, leveraging GPFS (Intel and Pixit Media) and Stornext file systems (Quantum):

Quantum (Booth 7.B07)

Quantum’s Xcellis® Scale-out NAS offers a variety of options for data access including NFS, SMB and naive file system clients over Ethernet, as well as higher performance connectivity options with iSCSI. Quantum and Excelero will demonstrate how this unified architecture integrated with Excelero NVMesh provides the perfect balance of the highest performance flash storage, multi-protocol support for both IP and FC as well as the ability to tier data to more affordable storage on premise and in the cloud. Xcellis Scale-out NAS is powered by the StorNext shared parallel file system, a high-performance solution with a long track record of success in media environments. StorNext creates a unified view of all file data – on-premise and in private or public cloud – simplifying and speeding data access, tiering, protection, and management.

Intel (Booth 5.B65)

Intel and Excelero – with and through new Dutch reseller ClusTaur – are helping media customers handle the immense workloads that come with post-production services, and will demonstrate their combined appeal at IBC. With Intel NVMe SSDs and NVMesh, M&E leaders including worldwide technology leader in media & entertainment production, Technicolor – have been able to achieve infinite scale, ultimate flexibility, and manage costs more efficiently. Click here to see a video of Amir Bemanian, Technicolor Director of Engineering, talking about using NVMesh in post-production for major Hollywood films within a matter of four weeks.

Pixit Media (Booth 7.D69)

Pixit Media will demonstrate its PixStor software solution running the Boston Limited Talyn™ servers,  with Excelero NVMesh already integrated to deliver data directly to high-end workstations with no speed bumps. NVMe drives are often under-utilized, non-redundant and individually managed. Relying on Talyn hardware, PixStor with Excelero NVMesh takes NVMe drives in individual servers, or dedicated storage servers, and virtualizes them into aggregated volumes that can be rapidly accessed as a shared resource by multiple clients over simple Ethernet. Editing, finishing and VFX applications can now enjoy the low latency, high throughput and IOPS of a local NVMe device while getting the benefits of centralized, redundant storage.

Each of the NVMesh demos at IBC features Mellanox networking technology. A longstanding partner of Excelero, Mellanox is also present at IBC – booth 8.E27.

You can also see more about Excelero’s NVMesh at:

Western Digital (booth 7.D36)

Western Digital provides a variety of options that solve the increasing challenges of demanding media and entertainment applications. When deployed along with Excelero’s NVMesh, Western Digital solutions can help M&E companies create even more powerful solutions for their data-centric businesses. At the show, visitors will be able to get a preview of earlier announced plans of both companies to build and market a joint solution: by integrating Excelero’s award-winning NVMesh® software-defined block storage solution along with Western Digital’s NVMe SSD hardware, the companies are delivering unrivaled storage scalability, performance, and agility.

Global Distribution (booth 7.A55)

Global Distribution is a specialist in acquisition, storage, collaboration, and archival solutions for the industry. Focused on ever-changing workflows, Global provides technology that fulfils the user demands of today and tomorrow, including next-gen storage such as Excelero NVMesh.

Want to learn more? Book a meeting with us at IBC here.

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